The Ferrari Challenge at Montreal from the Pit Wall


The North American leg of Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli continues this weekend in Montreal Canada, where drivers will once again support the Grand Prix du Canada and the Scuderia.


Eric Marston in #148 drove a great race! And now he is headed to France for LeMans, stay tuned…

He started in P2, but told the driver in front of him on the grid that he was going to stay on his tail at the start to try to pass the car gridded beside him in P1. It worked and Eric managed to make the pass to P1. A couple more cars got past the car forced back to P2 giving a good buffer for Eric.

He kept up a good pace and was protecting his lead when Lisa Clark’s engine blew going into the hairpin, covering the race line and corner with oil.

Eric hit the oil on the next lap and ended up sliding across the grass in the hairpin, managing to keep control of the car, although he tires were still saturated in oil.

A full course yellow and safety car came out almost immediately. At this point, there were about fifteen minutes left in the race.

Unfortunately, several more cars slide into the oil, as well, with some suffering significant damage. In all this confusion, the two cars separating Eric and the P2 car disappeared, leaving the P2 car on Eric’s rear bumper as they awaited a restart.

As it evolved, it was decided that the oil was not going to be able to be cleaned up in time and the race finished under the yellow, giving the victory to Eric.

So, his 1st trip to the Top step on the podium was at the same podium that will used by the F1 stars Sunday afternoon.

A very nice way to end a day. It was really exciting for both of us, as this has been a long journey. It had been so gratifying to see his progress over the past 2 years.

Eric will be gridded in tomorrow’s race based on his 2nd fastest time in qualifying today. I think he will probably be P2 or P3, so will have to work to get back on the podium again.

The weekend began Friday with 2 20min practice sessions for Ferrari Challenge competitors.  Qualifying took place Saturday at 12:20p (all times EDT) followed by Race 1 at 3:30p.  The grid for race 2 will be set based on the fast laps from race 1.  Race 2 will take the green flag at 11:15a Sunday, before the Grand Prix.

How they finished Saturday.

All the best, David Christian

Ferrari is the Aristocrat of the automotive sector.

The iconic Italian Supercar manufacturer claimed the title according to the latest Brand Finance Global 500 2019 report launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

HeffX-LTN overall technical outlook for RACE is Bullish to Very Bullish, there is extremely light resistance now at 151.21, and strong support at 144.58, all of our Key indicators are Very Bullish in here. Ferrari finished at 150.32 Friday in NY, a 52 wk high,

Stay tuned and enjoy the racing.