The Crypto To Follow When DOGE Rises

Doge has recently hit $0.1 cents today, and Bitcoin is sitting at the $20,500 mark. Things are finally looking up for Crypto and investors have analysed which tokens are expected to follow the trend upwards.

  1. Shiba Inu
    This token has been observed to follow in the Doge footsteps, many investers closely link these two tokens when it comes to buying.
    Crypto Enthuesist on Twitter said “1 DOGE is currently worth about 8000 SHIB. This is approaching two year highs on this ratio, which has historically been pretty sticky around ~5000. Fair odds we see a bit of mean reversion on this pair over the following month.” – @GiganticRebirth. According to information by CryptoNews, Gigantic Rebirth is known for accurately predicted the 2021 Bitcoin top and the 2022 bear market, then the collapse of UST and the former Terra (LUNA) months before its crash, winning a famous $10 million bet with Do Kwon.
  2. Dash 2 Trade
    This token could be the next 10x – 100x with its presale currently live. D2T token can be purchased at
  3. Calvaria
    A token on presale connected to a fantasy themed game release date expected to be in 2023.
  4. IMPT
    This token sold $11 million during its presale, it was also refered by Jacob Bury, and Crypto Ahoy.