The Constitution Vs the Technocrats

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It is Key to understand that the only reason the technocrats have not yet been able to overtake the US is because of our Constitution.

We are the biggest barrier worldwide to implementing technocracy, which is why there has been/is so much focus on dismantling the freedoms of Americans.

I have watched this happen since the late 70’s and here is my take on the technocrats goals:

Their strategy has been to build infrastructure for their system. Infrastructure is the schematic diagram that makes things work. For instance, we have roads in our country. We have railroads. We have physical roads. We have freeways. We have telecommunications systems. We have telephone lines. We have airports and things that connect everything together.

The concept of infrastructure is basic to any economic system. You have to have some type of infrastructure, so that the whole system will work. And so, today when the government passes a $2-T infrastructure bill, you and I will think, ‘Oh, finally, we are going to get those potholes fixed on our street or something.’

In the technocrat mind, in the larger scheme, setting up the infrastructure involves so many more things today than it ever did.

For instance, the infrastructure of technocracy now has to do with anything called smart: smart growth, smart cities, smart phones, smart devices, the Internet of Things that ties everything together, all of the sensors and the cameras. This is the new infrastructure of the digital era. It is all technology based.

So, infrastructure started back when the Trilateral Commission was 1st started.

A case in point: One of the early founding members of the commission was Caspar Weinberger, the President of Bechtel Engineering. That’s the largest private engineering company in the world. They are private. Nobody knows much about them. But they were part of the original Trilateral Commission group.

They have always realized that without building this infrastructure, they have nothing. They can get nowhere. They must have it in order to move on down the road. We’ve seen this emphasis on infrastructure ever since Y 1973 in ways that people hardly can understand anymore, because it is so technological.

But the infrastructure being laid today includes such things as the Internet of Things, where sensors and everything connect together to feed data back to some mainframe somewhere.

All of the financial transactions, all of the data transactions get sent somewhere where AI (artificial intelligence) is sitting on Top of it all to make sense of all the data coming in.

The same AI programs now are taking that data, working it, getting some sense of meaning out of it, then turning around and issuing things that we should do in response. In other words, how it should change us.

This is the science of social engineering. It is engineering by algorithm. They saw this even back in the 1930’s, even though there was no such thing as artificial intelligence back then.

They realized that science eventually would be to the point where their algorithms could be automated to the point where they would be able to replace the political structure, to keep everything in line, to keep everything working.

Rule by algorithm, Operation by algorithm.

This is the big predominant thing we see today. When something does not fit into the algorithm, we hear the term ‘Science says.’ We should do that thing.”

To give you just 1 hilarious real-world example of the technocratic “science says” strategy, here is a sentence from a recent newspaper article, “People who refuse to wear a face mask to reduce the risk of coronavirus have lower cognitive ability, new research has found.”

Not only is it laughable because it is illogical, it is totally irrelevant, since there is not a 1 well-designed study showing that mask wearing lowers the spread of viral infections.

“People who buck the system will not be able to participate in all the things in society that other people do who got the vaccines and just took the program without questioning. The algorithm will control everybody, will manipulate everybody.

So, it goes from, ‘Science says’ to the algorithm, and then it becomes automated. Then they do not have to say ‘Science says’ anymore. They just push the button. The algorithm takes care of it and you get the shot and that’s the end of it.

This business of infrastructure is very sophisticated. Today it is called supply chain. That is a big term you will hear, too. The supply chain, moving goods and services to get just in the right place, just in time.

No warehouse is necessary. Just ship it and it is there exactly the day you need it. It is called on demand delivery, Zero + Inventory. This has all been automated as well. It’s part of the infrastructure they need to implement technocracy 1 day.”

Patrick Wood is an economist, financial analyst and American constitutionalist, he has devoted a lifetime to uncovering the mystery of what is controlling most of the chaos we are currently witnessing, and which has been exacerbated by the C-19 coronavirus.
He has written 2 books on this topic: “Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation” and “Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order.” Read them.

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith!

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