The Color Blue and Creativity

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“Blue. love and sex help boost creative thinking“– Paul Ebeling

Researchers have proven that blue is the best color for encouraging creative thinking. They tracked cognitive performance on more than 600 individuals on tasks requiring either detail-oriented or creative thinking. The tasks were conducted on computers with screen backgrounds that were Red, White and Blue.

The individuals performing tasks on the blue background screens were 2X as creative with brainstorming tasks compared to those performing tasks on the other background colors.

So, make a blue work space for your creative project, accessorize your space with blue items. Create!

Researchers have also shown that sex and love do not just affect the way in which we think about the people we desire or love.

Sex and love affects the way in which we think about everything.

Love activates global processing, which encourages creative thinking and disrupts analytic thinking.

Sex activates local processing, which encourages analytic thinking and disrupts creative thinking.

A global processing style encourages creative thinking as it helps to increase uncommon and remote associations.

Just thinking about love can help make us to be more creative, meditate on love before working on a creative project.

Have a happy, healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!