The Bullish Trend in Gold, Silver Will Continue

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The Big Q: Why is gold marking all time highs now?

The Big A: Why Not!

Gold’s as a safe-haven investment during turbulent market environments is well known and this means physical precious metals may continue to go up in value.

The Big Q2: Does this mean that it is the time to begin buying physical metals like gold and silver?

If you are new investors in precious metals remember trends in the financial market are constantly moving.

Sometimes asset prices rise, but they can also reverse and head South just as quickly. With gold trading at record price marks, it is possible that traders and investors will begin selling assets and locking-in portfolio gainrss that were generated during rally.

In addition to this, the negative economic effects of the C-19 coronavirus have created the potential for market volatility that might be greater now than at any other time.

Given the recent rallies in gold and silver, we see that market momentum is focused on the Northside and precious metals assets are thriving under the uncertainty.

It is Key for investors to take a measured approach to physical assets in the precious metals sector. There is no substitute for time spent conducting research individually and the Knowledge gained can go a very long way in terms of its ability to helping avoid unnecessary financial losses.

Many of the market’s traditional instruments have held value even in this increasingly digital environment.

And, this Bullish action is likely to remain well into next year, scenario looks as though we are on the cusp of a historic Northside trend move when we consider the global buying activity that has occurred this year in gold and silver.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!