The Best Protein Pancake Recipe

By Coach Bee

This is my Protein Pancake! No spinach, no gimmicks just tons of protein!

Recipe is in the video and all you need is a blender to blend it all together and a frying pan. This is a great breakfast option or a mid-day snack option. ☕️🥚
Let me know how you like it! Pancakes have been a highly requested recipe since the start of the lock down!

Bananas 🍌are great antioxidant food. They’re low GI, energy booster, brain food and aids in digestion.
No one has ever said they got fat eating a banana. So calm yourself 🤪


I love… ok, this is just gonna be another video of me raving about chicken if I keep going so I’m not going to. I make this dish even on my Cheat meals days because it is that gooooood😋

When you make chicken in the air fryer, you’ll notice the inside stays so juicy while the outside gets nice and crisp.
This goes for chicken breast and chicken thighs too!

I don’t think I’ll be ever go back to regular deep frying wings at home anytime soon.

It’s amazing to me how making one small change can make a recipe a whole lot healthier. Whether you’re trying to eat healthier or just want to make one small change at a time, this recipe will do the trick.

First prep the chicken wings.
• If you have full wings, separate them into drums and flat.
• Make sure they are defrosted.
• Pat them dry completely dry (this will help them get crispy).
• Place the wings into a bowl and add garlic salt, parsley, just a little bit turmeric powder, loads of paprika, sprinkle salt, and pepper.
• Toss to completely coat the wings.
• Feel free to use your own favourite seasonings, however this is just my basic chicken wing seasoning (and flavourful).
• Add the wings in a single layer to the air fryer (they should NOT be touching) and cook for 10 minutes at 200 degrees.
* Flip and air fry for another 8-10 minutes

What to serve with the chicken wings?
A side of potato chips!
Same seasoning and can be done in the air fryer too!

You will quickly learn that you do not need a large kitchen space or a huge array of seasonings or condiments to make healthier food options at home. I use a lot of the same spices for most of my foods. So invest in some of your favourite spices and get creative!

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