The Best Bakery in Paris, and Perhaps the World

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I believe that there is never a need to buy and eat buy a sub-par baguette that leaves you lamenting over its crust.

So, when you get back to Paris, after this madness, here is my choices when it comes to the crustiest baguette and more in Paris.


The French know bread like few else, and Poilâne is the best of the best. The shop only uses carefully selected stone-ground local grains for their expertly fermented sourdough.

Their bread and signature wheat flour have a global fan base, and they now ship worldwide too.

While bread is the headliner at Poilâne, the viennoiseries, i.e., plain croissants, pains au chocolat, chaussons aux pommes, and the like are just as Super.

There is a lot of history to Poilâne with Lionel Poilâne starting his baking apprenticeship when he was 14 anni, and building up his reputation for sourdough bread with stiff competition from the more modern baguette throughout the 1970s to becoming 1 of the most sought after bread by chefs and restaurateurs in Paris.

They now have 3 shops in Paris with the newly opened 1 in the Marias, and also a London bakery, 46 Elizabeth Street, which took some 2 ys to get a permit for a wood-fired oven. Such are the archaic bylaws as the 1666 Great Fire of London started in a bakery!

There is this: you can have Poilâne delivered to you direct, or purchased through an enormous network of sellers throughout the world, and they have a Super-functional website where you can organize it.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively