The Bad Habits of Unhappy People

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“The Way: thank God for what you have, never focus on waht you want and don not have” — Paul Ebeling

Happiness is sometimes connected with different objects and accomplishments in life. Most unhappy people want thing they can never have and are very unhappy about it.

Here I discus the common habits of unhappy people. These habits or signs are profound and have disturbing meanings, as follows:

The bad habits of unhappy people can drain all positive energy and lead to unhappiness most/all of the time.

We often do not know who real friends are. Many people often criticize others for their pursuit of happiness. When the unhappy listen to them, they become more unhappy.

Stay away from unhappy people, they are not dependable, they always fail.

What happened in the past should be put to rest. You cannot change it, the same goes for the future. You can try to influence the future by working hard. So, put your focus on today and what you are doing Now.

Habits of unhappy people can also be determined by knowing how they live, and what they eat. If someone pigs out a lot of junk food, it is evident that a person will not be happy.

The Big Q: Do you know why?

The Big A: Real Organic food has the exact amount of multi-nutrients our body needs to stay happy and calm. But when 1 eats junk food, chances of bad cholesterol, blood cell blockages, heart attacks, hypertension, and other mental or physical problems increase.

Everyone has their own struggle and should have a fair share of happiness. What you see in others is the result of the months or yrs of conflict. The same is or might be your journey in the future.

Realize that people grow at their pace in life. Some become successful at a very young age, while others achieve their financial goals when they turn 50 anni or above.

Happy people do not compare failure with other’s success. 

The most common signs of unhappy people relate to being angry about everything that happens.

If you are such person, this is a Key reason you are unhappy. This happens because you are putting your notion of happiness on others too much. Otherwise, the major anger issue can be related to your psychological dis-balance of emotions.

So, join a anger management class.

Unhappy/angry people the attention seekers.

These people are not satisfied with their personality. They always need validation from others. This can lead to nasty scenes from their end if others are not paying heed to their wishes or demand. They are spoiled children from inside who have not grown up.

Unhappy people do not know where to head in life. They think life is too big or too chaotic. They are not able to put their mind to rest or in a particular direction. And they never finish anything even the most trivial.

Unhappy people always want things without effort, this is an utter state of jealousy and envy.

Solution: Learn to appreciate people, things, and resources you already have in life.

Have a happy, prosperous day, Keep the Faith!