The Anti-aging Pill is Coming But…

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Until we have an anti-aging pill eat real food to stay feeling young and healthy” — Paul Ebeling

Having good genes helps with longevity and good health.  But research indicates how we live makes the big difference.  There are many things we can do to slow down aging, prevent disease and feel young.  

To feel fully alive with an abundance of energy is good regardless of our age, and we make the decisions about what we do and put into our bodies daily + attitude is Key.

Studies have shown that those with an optimistic outlook on life actually live longer, healthier lives.

Eat Real food for Longevity

  • Include a variety of whole real foods not processed foods.
  • Eliminate all processed foods; they have fewer nutrients.  They are also full of chemicals that cause inflammation which stresses the body systems from functioning well.
  • Add a variety of vegetables and clean fruits to your lunch and dinner
  • Add healthy fats: fatty fish, EVO cold pressed, avocados, almonds, cashews and walnuts.
  • Eliminate trans fats.
  • Red meat: only eat grass fed Organic beef, my choice is Wagyu Black, Berkshire pork, Uncured Applewood ham and bacon.
  • Salt: Himalayan pink salt only, it is good for us.
  • Fast 1 day a week and abstain 1 day too.
  • Hydrate with HHHO water, I drink 10ACITY.

Get good rest and sound sleep

  • Poor sleep quality may be linked to increased build-up of beta-amyloid plaques in the brains of older adults. Alzheimer’s is a sure sign of aging. 
  • Studies show that people who do not get a good night’s sleep or who do not get enough sleep are more likely to get sick.
  • Sleep cleans the brain of toxins.

Eat healthy, be healthy, Live lively

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