“The American Economy has been Supercharged”

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The American economy has been supercharged, but it needs to eradicate The China Virus and fully reopen”— Paul Ebeling

What we need to do is get the government out of the way. And get this medical emergency chaos behind us. Not raise taxes and regulations, not shut down our oil and gas industries. And do let America boom,” said economist Bruce WD Barren in an interview Sunday.

Mr. Barren also noted that it is critical to get the vaccine out there. And we need to get the businesses open in New York City, and Los Angeles, and Chicago, and San Francisco.

With the new Congress installed there is nothing the way of the upgrade to $2,000 stimulus checks for The People.

My outlook is very positive, the economic numbers are very good, despite The China Virus causing Democrat Governors having shutdown America’s largest cities.

The benchmark stock market indexes are at record highs plus companies outside of those major cities are thriving.

The US Commerce Department revised upward how much the economy grew in Q-3: 33.3%, which broke the old record of all time by 2.

The current estimate for the growth rate in Q-4 ended 31 December is now estimate is now 10.1% growth, a huge number.

We here at HeffX-LTN like the way things are going now.

America must get the businesses reopen, but will $1-T more in government spending going to solve the outstanding problem is the Big Q.

The fear is the changes that would come from candidate Joe Biden’s Administration, who’s non business Cabinet picks are not Keyed into America’s economic priorities.

The major concern is that Mr. Biden say he wants to raise taxes, raise regulations, and climate change legislation, thus unwinding all the good that President Trump’s policies brought to the Republic.

Joe Biden, like Mr. Hussein Obama will do a lot of damage to the economy during the recovery. The overwhelming majority of big and small business CEOs and The People do not want to go backward, Forward is the call.

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith!

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