The 4th of July Represents Epitome of Freedom for Most Americans

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The Bill of Rights Cannot be Suspended During a “Public Health Crisis

The 4th July in America is more than a national holiday celebrating the Declaration of Independence.

For most Americans, it represents the very epitome of freedom in all its definitions and implications.

But, a new bill introduced in the Democrat controlled US House of Representatives several months ago would take that away, and narrow the definition of freedom to the point that it does not exist at all.

This bill, HR 6666, is an example of an attempt to restrict and even eliminate civil liberties that are described in the Declaration of Independence and outlined in the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution.

Under the guise of “protecting” Americans from being infected with C-19, it requires C-19 testing of all Americans, even in their own homes, and quarantining them in their homes or elsewhere “if necessary.”

The law is based on the premise that “public good” supersedes any individual right we have. The thing is, once we have gone down that slippery slope of massive government surveillance, there may be no going back.

The bill authorizes the allocation of $100-B in federal funds this year and unlimited amounts in future years to create a massive national electronic surveillance, testing, tracing and quarantine enforcement system.

The funds will be used by states and other approved organizations and entities to hire “contact tracers,” who will test, trace and monitor the contacts of individuals testing positive for C-19 coronavirus.

Mobile health units will be used to test Americans in their homes.

Entities eligible to receive federal funding include federally qualified health centers, school-based health clinics, disproportionate share hospitals, academic medical centers, nonprofit organizations, universities and other educational institutions,, high schools, and any other type of authorized entity as determined by the HHS Secretary.

Priority will be given to applicants in virus “hot spots,” medically underserved communities and to entities that hire residents of the community it serves.

The federal funds can be used to hire, train, compensate, and pay the expenses of those doing the testing and monitoring of Americans and to purchase personal protective equipment and other supplies.

This unconstrained display of federal power could lead to the removal of civil liberties, such as the right to appear in public spaces and travel, the right to employment and education, the right to participate in government-funded services, and the right to receive care in a government funded hospital or other medical facility.

The introduction of HR 6666 is not the 1st attempt by the federal government to incentivize private companies to create a surveillance system in response to the C-19 coronavirus chaos.

The White House has been holding private talks with technology companies and social media giants such as Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Goggle (NASDAQ:GOOG)in an effort to track the spread of coronavirus through the implementation of digital contract tracing applications (DCT) using location data from mobile phones for public health surveillance.

The Big Q: Will Congress pass HR 6666 and the federal government violate our civil liberties by mandating that all Americans participate in digital contact tracing in order to justify its $100-B plus price tag?

The Big A: Contact your Congressmen and women, Senators and the President, Say No!

Have a Happy Star Spangled Weekend, Keep the Faith!

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