The 3 Quarantine Hairstyles That Will Make Life Easier

Being in quarantine for a woman makes life a little tricky when it comes to how you should dress, if you should do your make-up, how should you do your hair, should you shower every day still? At first you spent your days at home maybe catching up on work or cleaning or maybe even having fun getting pretty to take pictures. But now your getting tired. You have allowed yourself to get into the same routine day after day that it’s brought you to the point where you just put your hair up in a ponytail or messy bun and that is it.

You are even debating on whether you should really wash your hair today or tomorrow because well, no ones going to see it. Unless you have a partner at home, then here are some tips on how to keep your hair nice and clean for longer so you don’t need to wash it as much.

1. French Braid

The french braid is so popular because of how easy it is to do. It’s one of the first braiding techniques we learn as girls and even some guys know how to do this one.

After showering, after your hair is all clean and blow dried, french braid your hair. It will last the whole day, and make sure to sleep in it as well. This part is important. During the day we touch and play with our hair so much it gets oily and dirty, then during the night our hair gets tangled and messy. That is just the recipe for disaster and an earlier shower than needed. So braid that hair and watch the cleanliness last longer between showers.

2. The Bun

To do the bun correctly, you need to use a hair clip, preferably a big one that can hold all your hair. To do this, grab your hair as you would for a ponytail and then twist it to lock all the strands in place for your bun, then clip it all together.

Using a hair tie does not do the same. If you use a hair tie to do this you are just damaging your hair over time and if you take you hair out of the bun from a hair tie you are left with a crease, meaning your hair will be ugly if you take it out the bun. If the bun is done correctly with the clip then when you take it, it will have volume and still remain clean.

3. Double French Braid

For those more advanced in braiding or up to a challenge of learning, the double french braid is a beautiful way to go through quarantine. It keeps the hair clean and will look nice even if you take it out of the braids your hair will have curls and maybe some volume depending on how well you did it.

For all these looks, the 2 things they all have in common is that they prevent you from needing to shower so often by keeping your hair up and out of your way. These hairstyles also makes day to day activities easier.

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