The 200th President Trump Nominated Federal Judge Approved by Senate

The Senate has approved the nomination of a Mississippi judge to a federal appeals court, the 200th federal judge named by President Trump and confirmed by the GOP controlled chamber. It is the highest number of judicial nominees confirmed at this stage of a Presidency in 40 yrs.

Cory Wilson, 49 anni, was elevated to a seat on the New Orleans-based 5th US Circuit Court of Appeal despite Democratic objections he has a record of working to undermine voting rights of African Americans and other minorities, he is a strong proponent of voter IDs.

Approval came on a nearly party-line vote 52-48 Wednesday

Judge Wilson, a former Republican state legislator, has been on the state appeals court for 16 months and will join the 5th Circuit, which hears cases from Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. The 5th circuit court is considered 1 of the most conservative US appeals courts in the nation.

In Y 2011, he dismissed concerns from the Mississippi chapter of the NAACP that a voter ID law would suppress the vote as “poppycock, unless you count the dead vote.”

In Y 2013, he wrote then Hussein Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder had “whined” that voter ID laws were part of an illegitimate orchestrated effort by Republicans to suppress poor and minority voting.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., called Wilson “an outstanding nominee,” and noted he has served as a lawyer in private practice, a state lawmaker, adviser to top state officials and a judge. The American Bar Association rates Wilson as “well-qualified.”

Senator McConnell, who has made confirmation of judicial nominees a priority, said, with Judge Wilson’s confirmation, there will be no appeals court vacancies in the nation for the 1st time in at least 40 years.

As I have said many times, our work with the administration to renew our federal courts is not a partisan or political victory,” Senator McConnell said. “It is a victory for the rule of law and for the Constitution itself.”

Judge Wilson said during his confirmation hearing last month he expressed opinions about Obama, Hillary Clinton,  and other Democrats when he was a GOP lawmaker and state official.

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