Technocrats Want People and Machines To Be One

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The advanced technology that powers technocracy is new but the mindset behind it is centuries old, and in order to fight technocracy it’s important we look at both the past and the present” — Paul Ebeling

Technocracy is rule by algorithm, or a bureaucracy run by technologists. It is based on the Taylorist principle of “scientific management”. Technocrats proclaim that convergence of people with AI is both inevitable and good for us. In the past, there have been attempts to establish a formal religious belief based on AI worship

Big Tech and transhumanism study has fallen into place…

Here it is directly from the horse’s mouth, Ray Kurtzweil who is the poster child for the technocratic vision and also the official “father of singularity.”

Publicly, Mr. Kurzweil espouses the belief that humans and machines will inevitably and necessarily converge and that the physical integration with AI will significantly improve the human race and promote our evolution gloriously.

Mr. Kurzweil’s other selling proposition is immortality.

Given the extreme nature of his public statements, Mr. Kurzweil private views are anyone’s guess. Here is his Big Think pitch:

To a technocrat, a human being is an imperfect machine that is operated by software, which is produced by the brain. The technocrat’s understanding of life is based on a very primitive, linear vision and it is void of spiritual mystery.

Much like religious fanatics of the centuries past, who mocked and denounced other cultures’ spiritual traditions, based on their own sensory limitations, technocrats feel like they have figured out the principle of human existence, that it is a matter of time for the science to decode the software of life and create it from scratch. They think it’s inevitable, and they are making a case for it.

Technocrats believe they are the cream of the human crop.

We should not care whether Bill Gates self-identifies as a saint or a villain. Regardless of whether he believes himself to be a successful saint or a successful villain, he has no legitimate business in my relationship with the world and while his mindset and his wealth allow him to de facto impose his vision with force, he is an intruder and I do not want to comply with his vision of my future.

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