Techno-Tyranny in the Headlights

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is a Major Player and Threat to rights and liberties.

As noted in the article, “Techno-Tyranny: How the US national Security State Is Using Coronavirus to Fulfill an Orwellian Vision,” the US is rapidly adopting an AI driven mass surveillance system rivaling that of China, and legal and structural obstacles are now being swept away “under the guise of combating the coronavirus crisis.

The Rockefeller Foundation plan does not even try to hide its Draconian overreach and intent to permanently alter life and society as we know it. In 1-H of the 20th Century, George Orwell wrote a dystopian novel, “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” in which the government controlled every aspect of a person’s life, including their very thoughts.

Today, scientists seem intent on turning Orwell’s nightmarish vision into reality, using the C-19 coronavirus chaos, national security and public health as their justification for doing so. Artificial intelligence is a Key ingredient in this surveillance plot.

Ironically, as noted by The Last American Vagabond article: “Last year, a US government body dedicated to examining how artificial intelligence can ‘address the national security and defense needs of the United States’ discussed in detail the ‘structural’ changes that the American economy and society must undergo in order to ensure a technological advantage over China, according to a recent document acquired through a FOIA request.

This document suggests that the US follow China’s lead and even surpass them in many aspects related to AI-driven technologies, particularly their use of mass surveillance.

This perspective clearly clashes with the public rhetoric of prominent U.S. government officials and politicians on China, who have labeled the Chinese government’s technology investments and export of its surveillance systems and other technologies as a major ‘threat’ to Americans’ ‘way of life.’”

The document the article refers to was produced by the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI), a government organization created by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2018.

Its purpose is “to consider the methods and means necessary to advance the development of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and associated technologies to comprehensively address the national security and defense needs of the United States,” and to ensure the US maintains a technological advantage.

To that end, the NSCAI is pushing for an overhaul of the American Way of Life and economy in order to usher in a more comprehensive AI-driven surveillance apparatus.

Google has the AI scientists and the largest computing platform in the world with a major lead in quantum computing, already having establish quantum supremacy late last year.

Americans cannot afford to be naïve.

Rights and liberties are never just handed to us. Every human right and freedom we enjoy has been fought and paid for in blood, and unless we refuse tyranny from the very start, we will eventually be forced to live under it or pay for our freedom with blood sacrifices again. We cannot afford to be naïve about where we may be headed.

C-19 Coronavirus tracing apps set the precedent for behavior-control.

The app will notify you whenever you have come in close proximity of someone who tests positive for SARS-CoV-2 infection. You will then be advised to self-isolate for a prescribed amount of time. 

In other words, over time, people will get used to the notion of having their day-to-day activities predicated on what an app tells them to do.

A guaranteed result of this habituation is the handing over of personal judgment and discernment to an AI. And in the process, they will suffer from the kind of outside interference with their behavior that privacy is meant to defend against.

There is hope

A shred of hope still exists that enough Americans will see through this ruse. Oxford researchers estimate that in in order for contact tracing apps to be effective, 60% of any given population must participate.

According to a national poll conducted by The Washington Post and the University of Maryland between 21 -26 April 2020, 3 in 5 Americans say they were either unable or unwilling to allow silent surveillance by a cellphone app, even in the name of public health.

1 in 6 said they did not have a smartphone. Even among Americans that have smartphones with the appropriate capabilities, 50% said they would not participate.

According to the NY-Ts just 3% of residents in North Dakota had downloaded the state’s contact tracing app as of 29 April 2020. The app was announced and released on 7 April 2020.

In Singapore, only 1 in 6 (20%) had downloaded the government’s contact tracing app by 1 April 1, 2020, while 30% of Norwegians downloaded their government’s app within the 1st week of its release, according to the NY-Ts.

As reported by BBC News, Cannes, France, is also trialing surveillance monitoring software on buses and outdoor markets to keep tabs on social distancing compliance. According to the software developer, this surveillance complies with EU data privacy laws by not storing or transmitting any images or identifying data.

The Big Q: Will you embrace totalitarianism for false sense of security?

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