Tales of Missing “Bored” Ape And How To Protect Your NFT

A tale of world most popular NFT will be none other that the set of “Bored Ape”, We know everyone love those monkey who having an bored selfie with multiple faces and tones. Surprisingly, One of the apes went become an movie stars with Halo and Skeleton T-Shirt design played by Seth Green, but suddenly went missing by the scammer. So let take an small case study, about this unfortunates tales of this ape paving the way become superstar and as Artist should protect yours.

Seth Green NFTs on big-black screen

NFT in meaning (Non-fungible Token) is an digital assets that stored into blockchain that allow investor or owner obtain the right from source owner to another, similar to what Art auctioning work, You bid the price stakes until countdown reaches to three and the art is yours. In cases of Seth Green and his NFT Ape from BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) reported that his ape #8398 were stolen. Not only that, numerous of his NFT collectable were illegally sold without an permission.

Then what Seth Green has expressed to this problem…

“I bought that ape in July 2021, and have spent the last several months developing and exploiting the IP to make it into the star of this show,” Green explained with Vaynerchuk on stage. “Days before he’s set to make his world debut, he’s literally kidnapped.”

Then turned out his Blockchain transactions show that a collector going under by name DarkWing84 paid US$200,000 for his beloved ape. Compared to Physical drawing or traditional IP, It can obtained back the law, but in cases of NFT, it show how government can’t track those works since it was decentralized so that an double-edged trade-off.

Welcome to the club!

Until several week later, He successfully retrieved his ape but this time cost $60K more than initially owned month ago, plus with more than $300,000 worth for his Bored Ape NFTs returned to Green. Interestingly, His NFTs character are more like friend of his life. That show how NFTs can have a heart touching moments.

Now, In deep conclusion. NFTs are your beloved and valuable friends as your collectable. Other seem to think this as “It’s just an JPG!” but it showcased how those stuff can be Anything, Everywhere, all at once! (Michelle Yeoh, Latest Movie Pun intended). But, If you are an artist just think about “What if hacker stole your NFTs even non-NFTs one?” Here the few the to notes.

  • Don’t give anyone an data-sensitives information like “Recovery Phase” for your Crypto-wallet
  • Buying NFTs must proceed an caution with the owner, those thing are not cheap and fully lost forever
  • Government won’t cover those crypto-asset and NFTs losses (at this point) Etherscan Will!
  • If any NFTs art got stolen or Non-NFTs being illegally sold in some Web3 sites, contact the site provider, ask for help, then protect with NFTs Theft Solution, this will linked to issuing DMCA process.

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