Susan Leyland: One of the World’s Most Collectable Artists

Yes, I understand what a big statement that is, but it is a statement made with a good deal of justification.

Great and collectable Artists are normally recognized in retrospect, but in the case of Susan Leyland it is recognizable even at this stage of her career.

There are many Artists that are commanding higher prices, being snapped by private collectors and Museums alike, but few have achieved the monumental public presence Susan Leyland has established.

The Warhorse Memorial at Ascot Racecourse, a sculpture by Susan Leyland has already sealed her place in History, the coming installation in Vietnam will underline her importance, it is hard to find another Artist in Modern Times that has achieved that level of immortality.

That Warhorse Memorial work is now a feature of the most famous of all racecourses, Ascot Racecourse, it also serves as a rallying point of remembrance for the horses that gave their lives and endured unimaginable suffering to protect our freedom during World War 1.

For centuries to come that work, the work by Susan Leyland will live on as part of the our cultural traditions and so will Susan Leyland.

Poppy, as she is named, the horse that features in the work has already been featured on Stamps, and sits at the centre of the Purple Poppy movement, extending her reach and importance around the world.

The next major Susan Leyland work is in the installation phase in Vietnam, near the Golden Bridge that stands 1,400m above sea level above the Ba Na hills and is a major tourist attraction.

A Susan Leyland Bronze is about to make it’s own name around the world, another very public, important work that will be in place for centuries to come, something that will forever build on the interest in Susan Leyland’s work.

The work of Susan Leyland we know, without doubt, will have at least 2 global, public, high profile ambassadors for centuries to come, it is difficult to name another living Artist that has so much future value.