Super Ways to Relieve Stress

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“Hugging is an expression of love, but kissing is both love and romance”— Paul Ebeling

There are several ways kissing reduces stress including:

  • Kissing activates the release of a range of hormones that include oxytocin and dopamine. These support a positive mental attitude and improved immunity, all good for stress reduction.
  • A reduction in the mental ‘noise’ contributing to stress.
  • The feel good effect of kissing lowers cortisol levels
  • The adrenal rush associated with kissing makes your heart pump more strongly.
  • Normal cortisol level is associated with a normal blood pressure level.
  • It is good facial exercise. Up to 30 facial muscles are involved in kissing
  • It promotes self-worth and esteem. It makes you feel wanted and loved.

So, as long as you are kissing the right person and the action is genuinely reciprocated, then the associated benefits are huge.

Find something that makes you have a good laugh. It does not matter what as long as you are laughing you will start to feel some of your stress relieved.  

Find a friend or a loved one. Then ask for a hug. Having healthy doses of oxytocin will really help to relieve much of the stress you might be facing. Interestingly, the benefits of hugging work only where there is trust between the individuals. Without trust, it has no effect. Hugging a pet can produce similar results.

Sing aloud to your favorite song, and dance as much as you want. Do it long enough that you barely think about your stresses. If you are dancing, try to really get your heart pumping, and getting those endorphins flowing. And remember that relaxing music can help relieve stress, so put on some relaxing music and sing!.

Have a happy, healthy, prosperous day, Keep the Faith!