Stop Consuming These Toxic Foods

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Soda: Studies have shown that sugar sweetened drinks can increase the risk of high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and gout. A typical 20oz soda contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar and 240 calories or more.

Not only is the sugar content of sodas harmful, but the caramel coloring used in many sodas has been associated with a 58% increased risk of cancer

Diet Soda: Diet soda has been proven to increase the risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome, which is a group of risk factors that increases the risk of heart disease and other health issues. Drinking diet soda has been associated with a 67% greater risk of type 2 diabetes and a 34% increased risk of metabolic syndrome.

Artificially sweetened drinks have also been associated with a 30% higher risk of depression

Aspartame is a commonly used sugar substitute in diet sodas and has been associated with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and leukemia in men.

Contrary to the intended objective of diet sodas, artificially sweetened beverages consumption has actually been associated with long-term weight gain.

Replace sodas with 100% pure fruit juice, but dilute it with 80% filtered water to reduce sugar and calorie intake. There are healthier soda alternatives that are sweetened with stevia and honey. There are Organic cola alternatives too.

Commercially produced hamburgers: Lab tests conducted by Consumer Reports have found that almost all ground beef consumed in the US contains fecal bacteria at levels high enough to cause illness. Ground beef can come from the meat of multiple animals so bacteria can be easily spread from a single contaminated cow.

A study has also shown that the meat content in some fast food hamburgers is as little as 2%. The content of meat in found in hamburgers was between 2.1% and 14.8%, an average of 12.1%. About 50% of the weight consists of water. Cartilage, bone and plant material were found in some hamburgers.

Choose grass-fed Organic beef. When it was tested, grass-fed Organic beef was far less likely to have any of the bacteria. Support fast food chains that use grass-fed beef. California-based Carl’s Jr. and Farm Burger are 2 of them.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively