The Steele Fake Dossier, Dishonest Propaganda

The Steele Fake Dossier, Dishonest Propaganda

The FBI-Steele Dossier is 1 of the bureau’s biggest scandals ever.

About 1 year ago a Hillary Clinton campaign opposition research document whose contents had been circulated privately among Democrats and reporters during the Presidential campaign suddenly invaded the world’s consciousness.

Its raw, explosive tales created an open season on President-Elect Donald Trump, just 12 days before he took office that is not finished yet.

Christopher Steele: his fake Dossier

Relying on Kremlin sources feeding gossip through his intermediaries the former now disgraced British MI6 spy. Christofer Steele told of an “extensive conspiracy between Donald Trump’s campaign team and the Kremlin.” He described the so-called conspiracy as “massive.”

Now, 3 congressional committees investigating his charges for nearly a year have yet to discovered this “massive, extensive conspiracy.”

The dossier had an enormous impact because it has been part of the Democrat campaign to link Candidate Presidential Trump to Russian collusion in the election.

John R. Bolton, the Top UN diplomat in the George W. Bush Administration (43), says, “…I think getting to the bottom of it — why the dossier exists, who paid for it, whether anything in it is verifiable, what role did it play in any actions by the FBI, really continue to raise incredibly significant questions that we still do not have answers to.”

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, wielding his subpoena power,  began demanding Justice Department documents. He wanted to know the lengths to which the nation’s top law enforcement agency used Democratic opposition research, the Steele dossier to target and surveil candidate Donald Trump and his people.

The FBI initially turned over a pile of 302s, which are summaries of witness interviews, that related to the dossier. This week, under Mr. Nunes’ charges of a cover-up and obstruction, the FBI provided even more sensitive materials.

Mr. Nunes wants to know if the FBI knew the dossier was funded by the Democratic Party in the Summer and Fall of Y 2016, when the bureau opened a Trump-Russia counterintelligence probe.

“If people really believe that the FBI did not know who paid for that dossier, I’ve got a bridge to sell you,” Mr. Nunes said in a TV interview. “There is no possible way the FBI did not know who paid for that dossier.”

Another question is whether the FBI relied on the dossier in any way to persuade judges to issue the FISA surveillance warrants, the question was answered, Wednesday it was learned that they did.

Mr. Steele accused Carter Page of several crimes, all of which the former volunteer says are fiction. Mr. Page learned that the FBI started tapping his phones last Summer.

He has sued Yahoo News for libel for repeating them.

“The ‘dodgy dossier’ project began as a dishonest propaganda campaign before the election by an illicit public-private partnership, then culminated with the full revelation of that deceitful document after the election and the fake media firestorm it has created throughout the 12 months since,” Mr. Page told The the Washington Times. “This entire history has been about self-serving politicians, consultants and sponsors advancing their own personal interests by destroying candidate Trump, his campaign and the new administration.”

Mr. Nunes said in a TV interview this week, “We have no evidence of Russia collusion between the Trump campaign.”

Meanwhile, 2 people and a group of Russian bankers accused in the dossier have filed libel lawsuits against BuzzFeed, Mr. Steele, FusionGPS and Yahoo News.


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