Staying Motivated

We all go through things. Things we feel we don’t deserve and things we wish we never had to go through. The thing is, we only ‘go through it’, we never actually stay there. 🦠

I’ve been uninspired and feeling not as creative lately for my feed because the lockdown and the situation in Thailand has definitely got the best of me. #REALTALK

but I thank god everyday for my healthy habits, morning rituals and training routine to keep me sane and retain some form of normality. #gratefulheart

I know times are rough right now and thank you to those who have been checkin in. 🙏🏾 #thankyou

Here’s what I do when I’m feeling down and unmotivated and training becomes hard 🔑 #tips#motivation

While I know every situation is different. I remind myself that it’s also hard feeling unhealthy, unfit, feeling unmotivated and tired all the time, feeling unhappy in our own skin when I’m feeling down. I much rather feel strong, confident, breathing hard from training, and get into a positive headspace, tired from the reps and sets be the hard. Then live the life I don’t love. ❤️💙💜

It’s been awhile but I still got my 🍑 if all else do fail. 🤪
Here’s a Smith machine + Cable Routine (that I bothered to film)

Have an amazing day! 🌈