Some of Germany’s Top Christmas Markets in 2019

Germany is renowned for its festive Christmas markets. Below are 5 of our top picks around the country to awaken your holiday spirit at the last minute if you are traveling there, as follows;

Lübeck (November 25th-December 30th)

The Lübecker Christmas market next to the town hall.

This Christmas market is one of the best known in north Germany and takes place in the old town of Lübeck.

There are around 150 booths belonging to separate small Christmas markets with different themes.

For example, the “Petrichurch” displays and sells artwork. In the area of the Obertrave, the market is family oriented with Christmas baking and model trains.

The Hanseatic city of Lübeck is renown for its Marzipan, with the tasty treat being sold every year.  This tradition is a highlight at their Christmas Markets.

Treats such as Marzipan cappuccinos and Marzipan stuffed baked apples are just the beginning.

Rothenburger Reiterlesmarkt (November 29th- December 23rd)

This Christmas market has a centuries-old tradition involving the figure “Reiterle”, who German legend has it is delegate of a world beyond ours. 

During Christmas time, he and other souls of the dead would visit our world by sailing through the air and bringing people joy.

This performance of the “Reiterle” is an attraction for this Christmas market, which can be seen across the rooftop and tower landscape of Rothenburg.

Among other treats, this market offers old Franconian pastries, such as their variety of the “Stollen”, and “weißer Glühwein” (white mulled wine), which is rather rare compared to regular red mulled wine.

Hamburger Fleetweihnachtsmarkt (November 27th- December 23rd)

Preparation of the rum-soaked sugarloaf for the “Feuerzangenbwole”

This Christmas market has maritime air. You can wander through the streets and shop at booths directly along the water.

Traditional Christmas foods and drinks such as “Feuerzangenbowle” (mulled wine with a rum-soaked sugarloaf lit above it), or “Spanferkel” (sucking pig) make this market a rustic and classic experience.

Additionally, 2 sailing ships delight the harbour with their festive lighting, making this market not only a seasonal, but also seaside, experience. 

Hochschwarzwald in der Ravennaschlucht (Fridays- Sundays from November 29th- December 22nd)

The railway viaduct and the Christmas market in the Ravenna canyon

This Christmas market is set up under the nearly 40 meter high railway viaduct of the Ravenna bridge.

Here you will find around 40 small cottages surrounded by a hilly landscape where you can purchase regional products and traditional craftwork from a magically secluded place.

This fairytale-like attraction is quite unlike any other Christmas market. It is filled by the flair of nature and salvation.

Gendarmenmarkt Berlin (November 25th- December 31st)

The Christmas market on the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin.

This nostalgic Christmas market is set up on the Gendarmenmarkt – one of the prettiest places in Berlin. It is located between the German and French dom, which gives it an historic ambience.

This market is characterized by its fine arts and delicious sweet and hearty treats such as “Rahmbrot” (creamed bread).

And, unlike most Christmas markets, it presents its guests with a stage program of choir, acrobats and dancers that fill the air with music and excitement.

In addition, a great thing about visiting here is that the one euro entry fee is donated to people in need.

Frankfurt am Main (November 25th- December 22nd)

This Christmas market is one of the most visited in all of Germany, and renown for its processed stoneware.

It is set in the historic old city of Frankfurt am Main.

This area is characterized by its timbered buildings which create a romantic atmosphere when illuminated with Christmas lights.

Here you will find a wooden karussell, a large illuminated Christmas tree, booths and various delicious treats.

A recommended treat is the traditional “Bethmännchen”, which is a Frankfurter marzipan pastry.

Have a Happy Christmas!