Social Insight: Be Optimistic to Improve Emotional Resilience

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“Keeping a positive social network is a Key way to improve our emotional resilience, and train your brain to be more optimistic
” — Paul Ebeling

The support of positive people who care about us helps bolster our resilience when the going gets tough. Being alone or surrounded by negative people will undermine your resilience. Connecting with caring people also releases oxytocin in the brain, which in turns helps in reducing stress.

So, have at least one empathic person to communicate with in times of trouble. Just the knowledge that you are not alone in your suffering is enough to give your resilience a needed boost.

And, step out of your comfort zone! Listen to good music, start a new hobby, take up language lessons, order a different meal at your favorite restaurant.

Plus, make a point of sticking to your routine whenever you are stressed out and over time you will become more disciplined. Do not be tempted to binge eat and drink, but also do not deprive yourself completely, some dark chocolate and a glass of red wine can help de-stress. And of course eat real food!

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!