“Skeb Coin” Aimed For Decentralization Of Japanese Artist

The company uses utility token method to help content creators in Japan for alternative method of monetization to combat the foreign censorship and promotes Japan Freedom of Expression Law, It’s confirmed no plan for NFT implementations in the futures. The trading to Crypto-Market Exchange start in September 2022.

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Skeb, an Japanese commission platform has announced their “Skeb Coin (Tentative name)” utility token of freedom of expression for all Japanese Artist. In the ages of Social Media, became less tolerant to any sensitives content.

Many of foreigner, especially Western countries has slowly injecting identity politics and censorship to the Japanese Pop-Culture through numerous platform, began to popularize and limiting Japanese Works from expressing Mature contents in full potentials.

With “Skeb Coin” uses their decentralized blockchain to overcome against unnecessary foreign regulation that jeopardizing Article 21 of Japan’s constitution meant for prohibits censorship and protects freedom of “speech, press and all other forms of expression,” which is vital to Japanese media creation and cultural export of soft power contents worldwide. The company is developing an “Chip Services” for tipping artist without any restriction.

The project started back in 2021, with partnered with Skeb Co., Ltd. (Kazunari Kida), Caica Exchange Co., Ltd. (Shin Suzuki) and Skeb Ventures Co., Ltd. (Yuichi Iwano) stated the coin will set to be listed in Crypto-Market Exchange in September 2022, to promote the freedom of expression in Japan. which tied to freedom of transact.

However, There will be no future plan to NFT implementation since the main goal for Skeb Coin is to embraces anti-censorship worldwide. Over the year, Many of foreign credit card company and platform holders refused to accept any form of adult content especially, An expression related to Sexuality, This could negatively impact for among Japanese artist and users seeking for creativity freedom in general.

This translation is based on DeepL:

In order for Skeb Coin to be accepted as a new payment method for the creative industry in Japan, we would like to provide centralized services with the convenience of chip services and Zaif Payment as examples of Skeb Coin implementation, while at the same time taking full advantage of the decentralized benefits of no arbitrary platform intervention in the transfer of crypto assets. We hope to make the most of this de-centralized advantage of not having any platform intervene in the transfer of crypto assets, and promote it as a payment method that guarantees freedom of expression within the limits of Japanese laws and regulations.

About Skeb

Skeb is the Japanese commission platform that you can request arts to 45,000+ JP artists with relatively low costs across language barriers by the automated translation in contrast to western commissions site. Its most important concept is the communication-less and that creators can draw easily and quickly. In exchange for low costs, all communications are prohibited except in the text of requests.

Visit Skeb at: skeb.jp (Japanese and English-supported)

More Info about Skeb Coin (Japanese Only)