Sitting on a Cash Pile 17.0? Digital Operations Management

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PagerDuty Inc. (NYSE:PD) broke out on 27 August 41.84 and confirmed on 3 September at 47.48. Thus garnering an LTN Cash Pile signal with a 1yr price target at 67.50/share.

Monness Crespi & Hardt reiterated a Buy rating and raised the price target to 66 from 59.

Key support is at 41.60 and resistance is Nil. Our Key technical indicators are Very Bullish. We are overall Bullish with a Very Bullish bias in here.

PagerDuty, Inc. operates a digital operations management platform in the United States and internationally.

Its platform harnesses digital signals from virtually any software-enabled system or device, combines it with human response data, and orchestrates teams to take the right actions in real time.

The company’s platform provides on-call management, event intelligence, incident response, business visibility, and advanced analytics solutions to address digital operations management requirements.

It serves various industries, including software and technology, telecommunications, retail, travel and hospitality, media and entertainment, and financial services.

PagerDuty, Inc. was founded in Y 2009 and is HQ’d in San Francisco, California.

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