Sitting on a Cash Pile 15.0? Worldwide Enterprise Technology

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Latch Inc. (NASDAQ:LTCH) broke out on 21 July at 11.79 and confirmed on 29 July at 12.73. Thus, garnering an LTN Cash Pile Buy signal with a 1yr price target at 22.17/share. The posted consensus target is at 16.33.

The stock closed Thursday in NY at 12.83.

Our Key technical indicators are all flashing Very Bullish across the board.

The support is strong at 12.10 and there is little resistance through 22.61.

Latch, Inc. operates as an enterprise technology company worldwide. Its products include LatchOS for Commercial Office, a commercial solution that would extend smart access, visitor and delivery management, smart device and sensor control, connectivity, and identity and personalization solutions; Latch Visitor Express, a contactless visitor entry system; The Latch Lens Partner Program that enables access device partners to leverage Latch’s software and Latch Lens; LatchID, an identification system; and Latch C2, a smart access solution for retrofits and new construction.

The company is HQ’d in New York, New York.

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