Sitting on a Cash Pile 14.0? Travelers Que Up for Mars

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Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SPCE) reversed last Thursday at 19.17 and confirmed on Friday, 21 May at 21.07. Thus, garnering an early call LTN Cash Pile buy signal with a 1 yr price target at 55/share.

The Street’s consensus is at 29.80. Currently SPCE is trading pre-market Monday at 25.11 within its 52 wk range of 14.21 – 62.80.

2 of our 3 Key technical indicators have turned Very Bullish, the Key support is at 19.63 and the Key resistance is at 26.47.

Our overall out look is Neutral to Bullish in here.

Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. is an integrated aerospace company, develops human spaceflight for private individuals and researchers in the United States. It also manufactures air and space vehicles.

The company’s spaceship operations include commercial human spaceflight, flying commercial research, and development payloads into space. In addition, it engages in the design and development, manufacturing, ground and flight testing, and post-flight maintenance of spaceflight vehicles.

The company was founded in Y 2017 is HQ’d in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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