SIMBA Chain Launch Their Fiat-Focused NFT Market, Offer Simple Experiences

SIMBA Chain has announced its new non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace “SIMBA” Market. The platform had many collections ranging from big names in sports and entertainment from the outset and offered curated brands the opportunity to showcase their NFTs in their digital space.

The marketplace is set for launches on June 23, 2022, featuring digital collectibles of snowboard manufacturer Kemper Snowboards. Next, the platform will release work by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) to coincide with their Women’s World Cup taking place July 1-17 in Spain and Netherlands. In addition to visual properties will be released via SIMBA Market will also offer various utilities, such as physical products, exclusive access to events, product discounts, and more.

NFTs Accessible to All with Launch of Fiat-Focused SIMBA Market

“We wanted to create an experience for our customers and fans beyond the winter months – combining the digital and physical realms. We chose SIMBA Market because we wanted our community to be able to buy our NFTs as easily as they would any of our products” explains Jib Hunt, CEO of Kemper Snowboards.

Giving a user-friendly interface, SIMBA Market offers brands the ability to create unique experiences for their everyone by leveraging the power of blockchain. SIMBA Market is built on Polygon to ensure low NFT minting and fees, including a low carbon footprint.

Unlike other NFT marketplaces aimed at veteran investors, SIMBA Market provides a simple Web2-oriented user experience that everyone can easily access regardless of their blockchain and cryptocurrency background. When using SIMBA Market, consumers can purchase digital collectibles using credit or debit cards, just as you like.

“We built SIMBA Market to enable brands from all industries, from sports to music and entertainment, to carbon credits, to introduce their communities to Web3 without the need for any crypto understanding. This is in line with our mission to bring web3 to the world” says Bryan Ritchie, CEO of SIMBA Chain.

SIMBA Market’s offering is fully curated. Partners and producers are chosen based on their needs, audience, and other factors, with the platform’s main focus being on entertainment, sports, and esports companies to join the “SIMBA” Market. Making this marketplace become more mainstream appeal.

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SOURCE Kemper Snowboards