Seniors Today Are Younger Than They Were 30 Yrs Ago

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The seniors of today are not the seniors of yesteryear, it is important for seniors to take good care of themselves as they grow older“– Paul Ebeling

Researchers have found older adults who are 75 and 80 anni today are enjoying more yrs in middle age, leading to being more physically fit later in life.

Today’s seniors are also enjoying even better mental health than 75 and 80-yr-olds in Y 1990.

Not only are people living longer in Y 2020, but researchers say seniors are in much better shape than their peers 30 yrs ago.

A study I read Monday compares 500 people born between Ys 1910 and 1914 to a group of 726 seniors who were the same age in Ys 2017 or 2018.

In comparison to 30 yrs ago, health records of seniors today show major increases in muscle strength, walking speed, reaction speed, verbal fluency, reasoning and working memory. One of the only readings which does not show an improvement is lung function.

Today’s seniors have lived much of their lives in a much different world than 75 to 80-yr-olds did decades ago.

There have been many favorable changes. These include better nutrition and hygiene, improvements in healthcare and the school system, better accessibility to education and improved working life,” said a lead researcher.

A drawback to living longer, the researchers found, is many seniors are in need of continuous medical care once they reach their final years, as the “last years” are now coming much later than they did in Y 1990, but the number of these years is not changing.

The results suggest that our understanding of older age is old-fashioned. From an aging researcher’s point of view, more years are added to midlife, and not so much to the utmost end of life. Increased life expectancy provides us with more non-disabled years, but at the same time, the last years of life comes at higher and higher ages, increasing the need for care.

So, it is important for seniors to take good care of themselves as they grow older.

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