Seeing the New King of Digital Assets

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It is likely that ETH will soon hit $10,000 by the end of this yr, or sooner“– Paul Ebeling

Bitcoin, the world’s #1 crypto and the genesis of the current revolution in digital assets may 1 day bow down to a new King of the sector, speculates a researcher.

“Ethereum will continue to outperform Bitcoin in 2021 and will, ultimately, exceed its rival’s value,” wrote the CEO/founder of deVere Group, a large financial advisory firm and asset manager, in a Wednesday note.

Bitcoin BTCUSD, 1.74% which was launched in a white paper in Y 2008 may cede its dominance to Ethereum’s Ether ETHUSD, 1.08%, which is viewed as a clearer use case than Bitcoin considered by some as digital gold.

Bitcoin’s value in 2021 is up 57%, while Ether’s has risen 318%, at last check on CoinDesk.

It is likely that ETH will soon hit $10,000 by the end of this yr, or sooner. The next major event to watch for is the Merge. This will blend the current Ethereum chain into the beacon chain, setting up the current main chain as a shard under ETH2.

With Ethereum been controlled and owned by no single party coupled with the new deflationary model is now the favorite for many investors and traders.

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