Seeing “Big Reopening of Economy as Virus Fight Enters Home Stretch”

Top White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow predicts a “big reopening” for the economy as the current stage in the battle against the C-19 coronavirus chaos enters the “home stretch.”

Adding public safety goes “hand in hand” with economic growth.

“I believe we will do both,” Mr. Kudlow said in an interview.

I think the President has been right to adopt the mitigation measures he had. I think the shutdowns did help bring the virus to heel,” said Mr. Kudlow.

“I think we’re coming down the home stretch on this, and I think we’re going to see [a] big reopening,” said Mr. Kudlow.

Mr. Kudlow said Y 2021 could be a “very, very” good year for the economy.

We have gone through the rescue phase. We did what we had to do, now it is time to turn back to tax cuts and regulatory relief and things of that sort which made this economy so strong in recent years, including the 1st couple of months of this year.”

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