Secret Beaches

Fact: the most famous and beautiful beaches are typically overrun by tourists.

The lesson here is to try to bypass those frequented beaches and discover someplace new.

Below are a few that are off the beaten path and delightful, as follows:

Pyla Sur Mer, France

The Atlantic coast of France has a romantic oceanside resort known as Pyla Sur Mer.

The coastline boasts pure white, powder soft sand lapped by sapphire-blue waves.

The idyllic deserted-island-style scenery of southwestern France stretches toward an added bonus is the towering Dune du Pilat, a mountain of windswept sand that seems oddly out of place, yet strikingly beautiful.

Fraser Island, Australia

The island sits 218 miles north of Brisbane and offers 76 miles of wild, golden, sandy shores and pristine waters.

With this much available coastline, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll find a private spot for swimming.

Look inland and find an impressive 14 miles of dunes, which are best explored by renting a 4-wheeler.

Plus, take a dip in one of the freshwater lakes nestled between the rise and fall of the shape-shifting sand.

This may not be your typical day at the beach, but it will certainly be unforgettable.

Manzanita Beach, Oregon

The Pacific Northwest is home to hundreds of miles of coastline, but the 7-mile Manzanita Beach is special.

The shallow bay meets the smooth and sprawling shores with gentle breakers harnessed on 3 sides by pristine forest and beach grass.

Lounge on the shore before strolling along 1 of the most photographed spots in all of Oregon while you wait for the epic Sunset.

Khanom Beach, Thailand

Thailand’s beaches are world renowned. Unfortunately, most of the greatest are now overrun with tourists and spoiled by overdevelopment.

An exception is Khanom Beach in the Nakhon Si Thammarat province. Facing the Gulf of Thailand, Khanom is miles of sand divided into sections by rocky outcrops with a spattering of basic bungalows and low-key resorts strung along its coast.

There are a few bars, but the beach is otherwise very undeveloped in terms of entertainment. Khanom’s most frequent patrons are locals and expat Englishers who live in the area. Khanom is a must for any traveler looking to escape the madness of beach over run with drunken backpackers.

Enjoy your travels