Scared for School: 80% of Parents Considering Homeschooling Children This Fall

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New survey shows that 82% of parents are more worried about sending kids back to school than ever before. Fully 25% say they will not allow their children in a classroom.

As Fall nears and the 1st wave coronavirus chaos wears on, the coming school year is becoming more uncertain for many parents.

A new survey finds 80% of parents are thinking about homeschooling their school-age children this fall. Of those parents, 50% say they are considering keeping their kids home in Ys 2020 and 2021.

The poll, commissioned by Crispy Green and conducted by OnePoll, spoke with 2,000 parents to see how families are adjusting to the “new normal” created by C-19.

Researchers reveal, if given the choice to open or close all schools this fall, 25% of parents would not allow children back into the classroom.

The vast majority of respondents say the risk of infection is the driving force in considering homeschooling. Among the parents thinking about a virtual education, 81% point to increasing health concerns, 82% admit they are more scared to send their kids into a school than ever before.

Parents worry that once children are back in class, hygiene issues will quickly put schools at risk. About 60% of respondents do not believe their children will properly wash their hands in school. Nearly 50% the respondents say they are trying to teach their children about proper hygiene during the chaos.

Researchers say a majority of parents are also taking this time in isolation to talk to their children more about safety and the importance of social distancing.

The Key takeaway from the poll is how costly C-19 will be for parents preparing children for school. They believe prepping to go to school during the chaos will take an extra 40 mins each morning.

Despite all the preparations families are making, 77% say they will not be fully prepared for schools to reopen. Many parents have a long list of demands for education officials before they begin to feel comfortable with the idea of going back to school.

And 55%, want increased C-19 testing and regular temperature checks on school premises. Nearly the same number of parents want smaller class sizes in the Fall, 50% want plenty of hand sanitizer available for children, while 40% of parents want schools to use more digital textbooks too.

“Whether kids will be virtually learning from home or going back to their physical school, parents will be hyper-focused on kids’ immune system to ward off ANY potential illnesses … including COVID,” a spokesperson for Crispy Green says in a statement.

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