RR: The Bespoke Collection the Hight of Motor Car Luxury

RR: The Bespoke Collection the Hight of Motor Car Luxury

Rolls Royce Motors, a unit of BMW Group, (FWB:BMW) has been since the inception of the marque 113 years ago, has stood stood alone in serving the world’s most influential the ability to express their tastes, lifestyles and passions.

Once this fell to independent coachbuilders, the execution of the most deeply held desires of the most discerning individuals is now performed by the firm’s bespoke department, a collective of extraordinary designers, engineers and craftspeople at the Rolls-Royce’s center of excellence in Goodwood, UK.

Today, just about every DoubleR that leaves the workshops is bespoke.

Rolls Royce’s reputation was built up over the company’s long, richly traditional history. Today the company’s models continue the finest traditions of the past, delivering the promise of effortless power, silence and a ride that is likened to wafting along on a “magic carpet”.

For many of Roll Royce’s clients, a bespoke automobile serves to celebrate a long-held wish.

The company produced more than 800 bespoke cars in 2016, each worth more than $500,000. Those timeless, exclusive models led the company to record results in the US and abroad.

It makes sense. With an owner base that seeks a luxury that surpasses material acquisition, providing a complete bespoke process on a car is one of the few ways to elicit real emotion from potential buyers.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, the chief executive officer of Rolls-Royce, is rather poetic about it: “In commissioning these extraordinary objects in close collaboration with our designers, they create a timeless legacy often profoundly inspired by the most important moments in [our owners’] lives.”

Led by the launch of the Black Badge Bespoke Series, which is a special limited-edition variant of the Ghost and Wraith, the company has produced hundreds of totally unique cars, with the majority of them in 2016 going to owners in North America and the Middle East.

Below is a look of some of Y 2016’s finest examples of bespoke design and craftsmanship, as follows:


Taking inspiration from the designs of high-performance yachts, a nautical-themed ‘Dawn’ was commissioned by a Floridian and delivered to her at the 2016 Pebble Concours d’Elegance. finished in a 2-tone combination of arctic white with a midnight sapphire windscreen surround and bonnet, the sleek convertible mimics the high-contrast appearance of a superyacht, complemented by a teak rear deck and ‘Canadel’ teak interior panels. the bespoke cabin clock is inspired by its patron’s favorite watch. as well as referencing the pebble beach handover, the treadplate completes the nautical theme, showing the four international maritime signal flags that spell out ‘Dawn’.

Cultural emblems and stories so often inform the vision of the marque’s patrons, and they can incorporate a number of bespoke features of regional significance.

Gold is often incorporated in the bespoke twin fine lines and the pinstripes circling the wheel centers. The headrests can be embroidered in crests, monograms, birds and … The veneers, instrument dials, clock and control knobs can be inlaid with semiprecious materials. Plus luggage compartments are often fitted with picnic and traveling gear.

Motor Car connoisseurs world over delights in challenging Rolls-Royce’s designers and craftspeople to develop truly unique materials, hues and features.

The results serve as some of the boldest examples of bespoke design ever executed. Some have commission their own color, which will remain reserved for his exclusive use.

The bespoke motor cars is part of the history and tradition of Rolls-Royce, it continues today in its most refined executions.

Have a terrific weekend.

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