Riots Reinforced Trump’s 2020 Election Hopes

If you have been sitting watching the news, or out rioting in the Streets, if you think the last weeks behavior brought an end to the Trump administrations 2020 hopes, you are an idiot.

What actually happened is a million or so people in America and a couple of people around the world went on a looting and vandalizing spree while 10s if not 100s of millions of people looked on in disgust.

They used the death of George Floyd, a man wrongfully killed by Police as an excuse to steal and destroy public property in a thinly veiled attempt to stage yet another Coup, not with a fake impeachment, but this time with violence a more traditional Coup d’état, it has failed and failed terribly.

If it was not bad enough to wheel out old Joe the sniffer Biden as the Democratic nominee, the images of looting, the various deaths of all races during this “protest” sealed the deal.

If you think the vast majority of Americas support this November will come as a big shock to you, Trump will win by a landslide.

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