Resources for Eating Seasonal Produce Around the World

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Eating produce with the seasons can help consumers access fresher, more nutritious while directly supporting local farmers and economies. 

Eating seasonally often coincides with eating locally, Local shopping and eating is more likely to be seasonal shopping and eating. 

This also comes with a number of benefits. According to FoodPrint, seasonal foods can be fresher, tastier, and more nutritious than out of season produce because it is likely picked at its nutrient-dense peak, rather than harvested early and transported elsewhere. 

Buying locally also helps lower consumers’ carbon footprint, because there are fewer carbon emissions associated with transporting that food shorter distances. 

Money spent on local food also supports local farmers and farmland and contributes to the local economy. Through farmer’s markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), consumers can help local farmers. 

To help everyone eat with the seasons and access local distributors, Food Tank has highlighting food education for consumers. For worldwide guidance please click here.

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