Reservations for the ‘First Edition’ New Ford Bronco Sell Out, Americans are Optimistic…

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Ford (NYSE:F) sold out all of its $100 reservations for 1 of its 7 models of its reintroduced Bronco SUV in 1 day, with demand so Strong it paralyzed the company’s ordering website when the availability launched.

Prospective buyers put down the reservation fee for all 3,500 of the “First Edition” models, a 4-dr, 2.7-liter twin turbocharged V6 for their opportunity to buy the fully-loaded $59,305 version, more 2X the Base model of $28,500.

Ford originally produced the Bronco from Ys 1965 through 1996.

The company held a streaming reveal event at 8.00p EDT Monday

The line up: 6 4-dr models are being made available for theY 2021 model year, including a Base, Big Bend ($33,385), Black Diamond ($36,050), Outer Banks ($38,955), Badlands ($42,095), Wildtrak ($48,875) and First Edition ($59,305).

The Bronco sports a retro look, with its First Edition model combining aspects from some of the other 6.

Among the features are modular bumpers and skid plates, luxury-oriented Outer Banks’ interior features, such as leather seats and full carpets; Wildtrak exterior features of blacked-out hardtop and grille and its graphics package; 35-in tires; adaptive cruise control; evasive steering assist; and a 12-in touchscreen.

Americans are optimistic!

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