Record Sales for Ferrari, Rolls Royce and Bentley Cars in 2021

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“The luxury car makers delivered more cars than ever in Y 2021“– Paul Ebeling

“Y 2021 may have been a difficult year for the other industries such as the travel sector as it continues to battle with the surge in infection cases across the globe, the same could not be said for the luxury car industry it boomed and is booming!— Paul Ebeling

Ferrari: Ferrari’s Q-3 Y 2021 report revealed that the Italian brand is on track for record earnings in Y 2021. In the 3 months to October, Ferrari delivered 2750 cars, up 18.9% on the same period in Y 2020 and 11.2% on Y 2019’s figures. Ferrari is doing well, and the Maranello Outfit will close the yr with a record sales.

Rolls Royce: Rolls-Royce sold 5,586 cars in Y 2021, the biggest annual haul in its 117-yr historyDemand for its Ghost limousine and Cullinan SUV drove sales. RR management claims a ‘life is short‘ mentality helped to boost sales among the rich and super-rich. The Rolls-Royce factory at Goodwood is currently running at maximum capacity, on a 2-shift pattern to fulfil orders from clients around the world.

Bentley: When compared over the same frame in Y 2020, the Crewe-based British marque grew by 31% and the company attributed the growth to “new model introductions, fresh product portfolio and increasing demand for Bentley’s new hybridized models”. These are part of the car maker’s strategic plan know as Bentley Beyond 100 where its fleets of vehicles are to achieve full electrification by Y 2030.

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