Real Food is the Answer to Growing Public Health Crises

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Yes, modern medicine successfully treats acute problems, but it has nothing to offer for chronic conditions, as the solution for chronic health problems requires real food”— Paul Ebeling

Real food is medicine, processed food is poison, and there is no Rx medicine that can undo the damage of processed food

The Key walls against truth about health are the medical establishment, which does not want to admit drugs cannot treat foundational causes of disease, and the food industry, which does not want the consumer to know that processed foods are inherently unhealthy

To improve public health, we need education about the core problem, the overabundance of processed food in our diet plus implementation of healthier eating, both on a personal level and a societal level, which will require societal intervention in the form of legislation or litigation.

Food companies can make money selling real food. But, the main hindrance is the subsidizing of junk food ingredients; sugar, corn, wheat and soy.

Real foods are naturally rich in fiber and low in sugar, so. eat whole foods period.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively