Read a Good Travel Book This Weekend, Here is 1 I Like…

Great travel writing will open your eyes, expand your perspectives, teach not lecture, enlighten and transport.

Much of the world is locked down and/or off-limits now, we can still use our imaginations to travel through the power of a beautifully crafted sentence and a keen sense of humour, thanks to travel books.

Here are is classic book idea for your reading and armchair travelling pleasure from my favorite travel writer;

The Great Railway Bazaar, by Paul Theroux

This is a great classic of American travel writing, The Great Railway Bazaar takes readers on an odyssey throughout Asia aboard some of the most fabled trains in the world: the Orient Express, the Mandalay Express and the Trans-Siberian Express. 1st published in Y 1975, the book is part travelogue, part literature, with events and descriptions embellished in Mr. Theroux’s signature humor and novelistic flair.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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