Raptor Yacht Unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show

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This design from H2 Yacht Design out of the UK is 1 worth mentioning as it’s very in tune with current trends.

It is known as Raptor aka Killer. It looks like it cuts through water like a hot knife through butter. But unlike other yacht concepts I have seen, this 1 looks like it is ready to be built. 

The Raptor has a 344-ft (105m) hull. It may seem larger than other vessels seen on our waters, but ships this size exist. A neat option the designers reserved for a would-be client is a hull extension by up to 49 ft (15m). 

About the design Jonny Horsfield, owner and creative director at H2 has this to say: “The combination of commercial-based engineering and construction with superyacht design is an attractive one — offering both time and cost savings.”

Now, about what sort of materials would be used in the Raptors construction, we have no data. Nothing on hull materials, nothing on what sort of superstructure, or even what sort of flooring or lighting. We do not even know how many actual decks are included; except the 1s we see above the hull. But the design does hold true to known yachts with a white hull, black glass, and wooden flooring on the exterior decks

The upper 4 decks include a full 270-degree view of the surroundings, while parts of the superstructure hang overhead to create a feeling of intimacy and to offer some shade. The use of classic tinted glass offers both visibility and privacy.

On the main deck, towards the bow, we can find a jacuzzi and one of the two helipads aboard the ship. And just in case you have 2 helicopters, the 2nd helipad is located at the rear of 1 of the observational decks.

The interior, H2 leaves that completely open to customization. But they do offer a number of visible options for inspiration. For 1 of the bedroom options the designers include marble flooring and walls. While the use of polished metals is used to reflect and disperse light throughout the room. Small LED accents for lighting is also used.

1 of the lobbies or lounging areas aboard the ship includes white leathers and marble which are offset with brown leather and wooden tables.

Lighting is provided both by natural means through windows, or LED strips lining the edges of the wall. Open spaces that offer inter-level interactions are further connected with stairs and elevators.

Everything else is open to your imagination. You could include a nightclub, a spa area, even an indoor racket-ball court can fit in this luxury concept.

Maybe the beauty in seeing a yacht concept is not that it can take you underwater or that it has its own blimp. The real beauty comes from seeing a vessel like this which incorporates achievable designs.

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