Ramadan Begins: The Murder of Muslims and Christians Continues

Ramadan Begins: The Murder of Muslims and Christians Continues

For the those of the Muslim faith that hold themselves above other Muslims Ramadan means nothing. The fundamentalist Muslims have no regard for the religion and are in fact only interested in imposing their version of the religion on others.

By far the majority of their victims are other Muslims.

These individuals have been fostered and directly aided by the Western worlds politics over decades, the concept of regime change, useless wars in Iraq, Syria and Libya have created a disaster for the world and a habitat for the cockroaches we know as Muslim fundamentalists.

Unfortunately America must take the blame, from Arafat to the Russian occupation of Afghanistan America has taken the wrong step on every occasion. Those mistakes have created a world at war.

In the Philippines

The bodies of 8 executed civilians were found in a ravine outside a besieged Philippine city on Sunday as a six-day occupation by Muslim rebels resisting a military onslaught took a more sinister turn.

The eight dead men, most of them shot in the head and some with hands tied behind their backs, were laborers who were stopped by Islamic State-linked militants on the outskirts of Marawi City while trying to flee clashes, according to police.

Fierce battles restarted on Sunday as ground troops engaged Maute fighters with heavy gunfire. Plumes of smoke were seen on the horizon and helicopters fired at least eight rockets on rebel positions.

A surveillance drone circled the sky above Marawi City. Some civilians left on foot, others were seen tying white cloths to poles to distinguish themselves from militants as soldiers huddled behind armored vehicles slowly advanced.

An ambulance was seen speeding away from the fighting and soldiers said a captured militant was inside.

Tens of thousands of people have fled Marawi since Tuesday, when militants went on the rampage seizing a school, a hospital, and a cathedral.

Christians were taken hostage, according to church leaders, and more than 100 inmates, among them militants, were freed when rebels took over two jails.

In Libya

Heavy battles continues to rage in Tripoli as rival factions duel for control of the Libyan capital. The assault on the UN-backed government is led by a Misrata commander whose success in the anti-Gadaffi rebellion was secured by the 2011 NATO intervention.

Clashes persisted in Tripoli Saturday between militias loyal the self-proclaimed National Salvation Government (GNC) and forces loyal to the internationally-recognized Presidential Council (PC) which presides over the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA).


A suspected suicide bomber killed as many as 14 people in Afghanistan on Saturday and fighting between militants and security forces left at least 36 people dead on the first day of Islam’s holy Month of Ramadan.

In eastern Khost province, a Taliban attacker detonated a car bomb near a football field that is close to a military base, officials said.

At a local hospital, doctors received at least 14 dead bodies and eight wounded people, said Gul Mohammaddin Mangal, head of the public health department in Khost.


Islamic State (IS) announced on Saturday that its fighters conducted a shooting that killed at least 29 Egyptian Christians on Friday, a statement of the group reported.

“A security detachment from Caliphate soldiers has killed dozens of Christians and burnt out their buses,” said the statement posted on Telegram, an encrypted instant messaging system used by the IS to communicate with its followers.

The statement which has been published by the IS-affiliated Aamaq news agency said the attack left 32 killed.

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