Qatar Gives Voice to Muslim Extremists

Qatar Gives Voice to Muslim Extremists

A local newspaper commented editorially on the collective fight against terrorism and extremism saying that this fight requires nations to be on constant guard, asserting their rights to safety and security on many fronts. “It’s a fight that needs to be taken to groups and individuals who plot and scheme or act in subversive and seditious ways, entities that assume a charitable front on one hand, while acting in treasonable and treacherous ways on the other. Vigilance is essential, and so too is maintaining an updated list of these nefarious groups and persons,” it said.

In an editorial published on Wednesday, Gulf News said that as while the governments of the UAE and Saudi Arabia have added nine groups and nine persons to their terrorism lists, among them citizens of Qatar, Libya and Yemen, “Qatar has given voice to these radicals; it has failed to live up to its explicit undertakings to cease and desist from such activities and to join its Arab brothers and the international community in ending the scourge wrought by these extremists.”

“For the past six weeks, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt have been pressuring Qatar to cease its support for individuals and groups that spread terror and extremism across the region,” it explained.

The paper continued by saying that these groups and persons have been aided by Qatar in spreading their aggressive agenda of sedition and subversion. “Indeed, for far too long, the people of this region have suffered at the hands and actions of such persons, so-called charities and meddling groups who impart hatred and division. It’s a situation that has gone on for too long, is intolerable and unsustainable. It’s for these and other reasons that the ill-advised, ill-conceived and illegal actions of the Government of Qatar must be tempered through a concerted action by the UAE and its brotherly allies,” it said.

It continued, “These most recent measures will help tighten the noose on those who spread division and extremism in Libya and Yemen. The citizenry there has endured hardship, violence and pestilence as a direct result of Qatar’s support for radicals and extremists.”

“We have a duty to ensure voices of extremism are silenced and the actions of the seditious are nullified. There is a responsibility upon us all, acting in concert, to bring peace and stability to this region. That responsibility extends to Qatar too,” the editorial concluded.

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