Protect Yourself Against What Is Coming

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Today, the unvaccinated among us are getting the blame from ‘experts’ at the CDC, and there has been discussion of a federal vaccination mandate.

Some states have already returned to mask mandates, and NYC has mandated that all restaurants and gyms must require patrons to show proof of COVID vaccination before they can enter.

The pressure to vaccinate is ramping up, and as illegal persuasion and incentives have not gotten more people to get injected, the government could decide to resort to unconstitutional force to make the unvaccinated a class of unclean People expelled from polite society. Though not likely, Senator Rand Paul, MD (R-KY) is leading the national resistance.

The adoption of the Chinese system in the United States is absurd. But, some US states tripped all over themselves implementing Chinese-style lockdowns, much to the dismay of the millions of Americans who found themselves out of work during those lockdowns.

If western politicians were only too willing to enact lockdowns, knowing how destructive and harmful they would be, they may try to enact some sort of vaccine passport system.

The possibility of such a system being implemented in the US seems to be growing by the day. And the goalposts keep getting moved, 1st from 70% vaccine compliance and now to 90% compliance.

If that goal were to be achieved, COVID will still be among us, and the goalposts would be moved even more, maybe to 95% or 99%.

The reality is that VirusCasedemic has provided global elites, those who advocate for the Great Reset, the best possibility they have ever had to enact their goals, and they will not give up easily.

Just imagine trying to access the money in your bank account and being denied until you can demonstrate proof of vaccination. Or imagine wanting to open up an investment account and similarly being denied until you have showed your vaccine passport, NutZ!

Financial services firms such as banks and payment providers have already been at the vanguard of cooperating with the government to try to shut down undesirable activities.

When it comes down to it, the major financial institutions value their relationship with the government and its monetary lifelines more than they value their relationship the customer. And they would have no qualms about cutting you off from your money if the government urged them to do so.

Writing on the Wall: We are approaching the type of society that comes straight out of George Orwell’s 1984.

Australia has demonstrated what that looks like, with some of the most draconian lockdown restrictions of any Western country. Supermarkets are now required to hire security guards to check QR codes on customers phones to ensure that only vaccinated people enter.

The pressure on private businesses to cut ties to the unvaccinated will only increase in the future. So, if you have not gotten the COVID vaccine and do not plan to, or if you cannot prove you are immune and/or been vaccinated, or you do not have a smartphone so you cannot install whatever app the government wants you to have, your life could get difficult.

As with many other government actions, is a very slippery slope we are treading.

So, if you value your future, and particularly your financial future, you should look into ways to keep your assets safe in the event that you suddenly and unexpectedly lose access to the financial system.

Black Swan events are not common, but if and when they happen, they can be devastating.

That is why so many investors have turned to cryptocurrencies and gold to help protect themselves. It is your money, so your responsibility!

There is HOPE!

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!