Professional Athletes Are Saying They Will Not Take the Vaccine

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COVID-19 vaccine shots are going to be offered to professional sports teams very soon, but a significant number of NBA, NFL and MLB players are saying they are not sure they want the vaccines.

According to The WS-J, 75% of NFL players turned down the flu vaccine, even with league officials encouraging them to take it.

Now that the COVID-19 vaccines are on the horizon, the NBA had their medical director talk about the shots with the players.

The MLB said “the league and players’ union will ‘strongly encourage players to undergo vaccination the appropriate time,” the WS-J said.

American sports leagues have been useful proxies for the nation’s attitudes and behaviors over the past year.

They shut down when the country did.

They returned to unrecognizable workplaces in masks.

They learned to live with risk and fought through VirusCasedemic chaos.

They now reflect the uncertainties of the nation’s vaccine rollout. The 1st snag was supply, the next 1 will be demand. 

Who influences the influencers is another question the sports leagues are trying to answer. Every player listens to different people for different reasons.

And mandatory vaccinations are legally tricky and could have deeper consequences.

Experts warn that any collectively bargained requirement could have the opposite effect by forcing Star professional athletes to publicly declare they do not want a vaccine. 

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