ProBit Exclusive – Premium Listing Platform

ProBit Global is excited to announce the launch of the ProBit Exclusive platform!

ProBit Exclusive Countdown

💰 Buy Tokens at a HUGE Discount

ProBit Exclusive is a premium secondary listing where ProBit Global users can subscribe to and purchase popular pre-selected tokens with lucrative discounts. The tokens selected will be liquid, established tokens with a respectable market cap.

👉 ProBit Exclusive will guarantee that all participants get a piece of the pie. In the event of an…

  • Oversubscription: In the case that user demand is more than the token supply designated for the ProBit Exclusive quota, all participants will receive tokens proportionately less to their originally purchased amount.

For example, if 1m tokens were supplied for ProBit Exclusive, but 2m tokens were subscribed for by users, everyone will receive half the amount subscribed.

  • Undersubscription: If not all tokens have been claimed, all participants will receive their originally purchased amount.   

🔥 Get the Hottest Tokens

Many promising blockchain projects are already lined up to participate in ProBit Exclusive!

We have already onboarded several of the Top 200 tokens to give all users a chance to acquire some of the hottest tokens at very big discounts with readily abundant liquidity.

➡️ How to Buy Tokens at ProBit Exclusive

Check out the ProBit Exclusive page to find out when the next one will be launched

👉How to subscribe to 50% off

🔹 What are the membership levels at ProBit?

ProBit has 12 membership levels: Standard and VIP 1 to VIP 11. Membership levels are determined by PROB staking amounts.

🔹 What are the benefits of higher membership levels?

Those with higher membership levels will benefit from reduced trading fees, and higher referral bonuses.

🔹 How do I get trading fee discounts?
The default trading fee at ProBit is 0.2%. There are several ways to get trading fee discounts:

1.  Stake PROB

Move into a higher membership tier by staking PROB: How to Stake PROB >

2. Pay trading fees in PROB

Trading fees are paid using the quote currency by default (e.g. Trading fees will be paid in USDT for the trading pair BTC/USDT). You can choose to pay trading fees using PROB in order to get additional trading fee discounts. How to pay trading fees using PROB >

🔹 How much in trading fee discounts will I receive?

The trading fee amount will depend on:

1. Membership level (i.e. amount of PROB staked)

2. If the trading fee is paid in PROB

💡 By paying trading fees in PROB, you can lower your trading fees by an additional 0.02%.

(10% ~ 40% additional discount when compared to payments with quote currencies such as USDT/BTC/ETH)

🔹 How can I pay trading fees in PROB

Go to My Page and activate “Pay trading fees with PROB”.


  • Notwithstanding the activation, if you don’t have enough PROB for the fee payment, trading fees will be paid in quote currencies such as USDT/BTC/ETH.
  • PROB that is in staking wallet can’t be used for trading fee payments. Please make sure that there is sufficient PROB in your (exchange) wallet prior to trade execution.

🔹 What are the other benefits of staking PROB?

Aside from lower trading fees, here are additional benefits of staking PROB:

1. Higher Referral Bonus

Earn up to a 30% referral bonus by inviting friends to ProBit. Start referring friends >

2. Join Trading Competitions

Stake PROB and be eligible to join Trading Competitions at ProBit.

3. Access to ProBit Exclusive Events
Get access to 50% discounts on premium tokens! The more PROB staked, the higher your subscription allocation for ProBit Exclusive events.

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