Privacy Matters Even if You Have ‘Nothing to Hide’

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Mikkel Flyverbom, a Professor at Copenhagen Business School, is the moderator in the video below, asks an important question in that, when speaking about privacy, some people respond that certain forms of surveillance are not a big deal because they have ‘nothing to hide‘.

It is a mistake to give over your privacy to this thought process, though, and, as Professor Zuboff explains, it is a sign that you have succumbed to a kind of authoritarian propaganda.

The propaganda is the notion that “if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear” from their sensors, their devices and their surveillance.

But at the very foundation, losing your privacy means giving up your right to an inner life a fundamental change to the society we live in.

Professor Zuboff says: “If everything is transparent and there is no privacy we have fundamentally changed the kind of society that we live in, a society that cherishes privacy is a society that cherishes freedom and autonomy and democracy. What we see is that when we succumb to this idea of total transparency they take our faces, they take our bodies, they take our bloodstreams, they take whatever they want.

These are used for data sets. As we have seen in facial recognition, they take our faces; they put them into data sets. Ultimately, we have seen as in the case with Microsoft, their facial recognition training data set sold to military divisions, including military divisions in China.

“We need an inner life. We need sanctuary to be a democracy and we need societies that are structured by that respect for the individual if we are to have a free democratic society and a free world.

We have the tools to truly interrupt and outlaw surveillance capitalism, because taking my face is an act of theft and it should be a criminal act. If I am going to give my face for an enterprise that is collecting data maybe for the the treatment of the coronavirus, maybe for improving some other aspect of public health, then this is my choice …

I do it transparently, and I do it understanding what my data will be used for, how it will be used, how it will be shared and so on and so forth. So, from these rights we can develop the tools the laws and the institutions that we need to fundamentally change.”

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