President Trump’s “Your Fired” List has been Prepared

President Trump’s allies have been putting together lists of government officials considered disloyal to him, along with pro-Trump personnel to replace them, it was reported Sunday.

The lists, which have been worked on since Y 2018 but have taken on added significance since President Trump’s acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial, have been put together by supporters of the President outside the White House, including Ginni Thomas, wife to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Since the end of his trial, the emboldened Donald Trump has sought out “Deep State Snakes” from within his government to fire and replace as soon as possible, according our source.

An example of one of these lists includes State Department employees who should be fired, including the current Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan.

This list was reportedly compiled by Groundswell, a conservative organization with which Ginni Thomas is associated and which led a successful campaign to get HR McMaster removed as national security adviser.

Groundswell activists have reportedly given names Mrs. Thomas, who then passes them along to President Trump, according to a source close to her.

This has created an atmosphere in which “in some of the most critical corners of The Trump Administration, officials show up for work now never entirely sure who will be there by the end of the evening, themselves included.”

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