President Trump’s “Wall” is Being Built!

  • President Trump began work on the Wall himself all that will span the entire US-Mexico border. “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” he said after that inaugural swing, “and the same is true for this Wall. I will be dead long before it’s completed. But that is okay, because it’s never been about me. It i about America.”

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper has approved the use of $3.6-B in funding from military construction projects to build 175 miles of President Trump’s wall along the Mexican border.

Pentagon officials would not say which 127 projects will affected, but say details will be available Wednesday after members of Congress are notified. They say 50% the money will come from military projects in the US and the rest will come from projects in other countries.

Elaine McCusker, the Pentagon comptroller, says the money will be used to build 11 border projects.

President Trump declared a national emergency in order to use military construction and other federal funds to build the wall after Congress provided only a portion of the $5.7-B the President wanted for the barrier.

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