President Trump’s Trade Adviser Says, “We Love Tariffs”

Thursday, the White House trade adviser Peter Navarro credited President Trump’s tariffs on Chinese-produced steel and aluminum with saving 2 Key American industries.

The Chinese producers are seeing fewer exports, lower profits,” Mr. Navarro said on TV Thursday. “So, we love tariffs. Tariffs are a wonderful thing.”

“We would not have a steel and aluminum industry if President Trump hadn’t put those tariffs in,” he said. “Instead, what we have is vibrant steel and aluminum.”

He added, “What the tariffs do…is basically defend the industries from dump steel that’s a good thing.”

Mr. Navarro also said that the US trade delegation, including Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, had constructive conversations with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He this week, and said that Americans should remain patient.

With regards to this (week’s) round of negotiations, both sides communicated over 2 topics: One is how we view the past – we mainly discussed why negotiations broke down and clarified our views on some economic and trade issues,” said Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng during a recent press briefing.

The other one is how we view the future to ascertain the principles and methodology of negotiations, as well as relevant timetables,” he added

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